I’d really like to lose some weight.

I also really love to eat.

This is a dilemma I’ve struggled with my whole life.

Occasionally I remind myself that there is an answer to this conundrum, a figurative and literal having my cake and eating it too. You may recognize it by its common name,


I’d like to think carrying an overflowing basket of dirty clothes from the third floor down to the basement laundry and back up again would be a valid substitute for traditional exercise, but sadly, the waistband of my jeans cutting into my stomach fat tells me otherwise.

In my book, grocery shopping should also be considered exercise. Load the bags in the cart, into the car, out of the car, up to the first landing, up to the second floor and then bend over lots of times to empty the bags and put the food away. That has got to equal a run around the track or 74 jumping jacks at least.

My thighs beg to differ.

The truth is, I’d really like to lose some weight.

But I also really love to eat.

18 thoughts on “X-ercise

  1. Metabolism speed changes as we grow older. Losing weight is not as easy as when we were younger. I ordered clothes online for small, turns out to be I’m medium. I also lost a few buttons from my jeans. I control my eating now but making sure I’m not suffering. I choose to eat my favorite healthy stuff and choose to walk when I have the chance.


  2. Love the cartoon. Poor puppy.

    After 5 years of medication (steroids and others) that invite weight to attach itself at odd hours of the day, I gained 80 pounds. Going from a size 6 dancer to a size 16 struggler is difficult. My body memory says I’m small, my mirror disagrees. A year of intensive physical therapy is helping but it’s still a struggle. Fortunately, I still own the best of my size six wardrobe and eventually, preferably before it begins to fall apart from age, I’ll be a size six again. That’s what my heart says and I’m sticking to that story!

    Thanks for a lovely post.

    Visiting from A to Z Challenge (http://lovedasif.com/)


  3. I hear ya! I’m battling the plump right now also. The worst is when the jeans are tight and they create a roll when you sit. I’ve decided to own the plump. Good luck 🙂


  4. I totally feel you! I love to eat waaay too much, and that’s mostly why I need to get in better shape at the moment. Ugh! I made pumpkin streusel muffins yesterday for no reason! And most of my pants don’t fit….this is no good.
    Good luck to you 🙂


  5. Thank you. Spring is usually the time I start feeling like cutting back – it must have been the long cold winter, because the cutting back feeling has not yet arrived. 😦


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