I Steal.

I have a confession to make. I steal.

It only happens in the Spring, and I’m not sure its technically stealing, but I’m pretty sure if I got caught by the First Presbyterian Church people (yes, I’m stealing from the Presbyterians), they would not be amused.

It’s lilacs. I can’t resist them. When I see bushes and bushes and bushes of blooming lilacs I just need to break off a few fragrant flowering buds and sneak them into my car. I try to choose lovely lavender bunches from the deep recesses of the bush, ones that wouldn’t be noticed anyway. I would never steal any other flower, like roses or tulips*, from someone’s property. I scold my children for plucking daisies and petunias. I believe planted, outdoor flowers are meant to be enjoyed in their designated planting grounds.

But oh, lilacs. They make me do crazy things.

lilacs 2

*except for that one incident in college

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12 thoughts on “I Steal.

  1. Hahahahaha!!! I am so glad I am not the only one that does this. I will go under the cover of night to a vacant lot to pick some. I convince myself they are abandoned and no one will ever miss them 🙂 Ben thinks I am crazy!


  2. ps. i carry on my keychain a small leatherman pair of folding scissors for the same reason…although no lilacs here. I had them in my fantastic Vermont childhood.


      • Yup…i pulled off to the side of the road this spring & lopped off some dogwood branches & some rosebud branches when they were in full bloom. I got some amazing photographs from them. I just wish I could have lilacs here in Alabama…I found a type that will grow here, but its a weenie, but does smell the same after it flowers for thirty seconds. Nice to meet you…and your name is? ~amy


  3. Lilacs are my favourite as well! The bush I have doesn’t seem to produce enough so I still end up stealing some from abandoned lots. I fill every room with them. Still waiting for blooms here in Ontario.


    • ❤ Deb. I actually have a small lilac bush outside my house. Honestly, I would be devastated if anyone broke off any of the lilacs. 😦 (it's just a baby, there are only a few.)


  4. Haha! I do the same thing. It does seem like a colossal waste…Botanical blasphemy to let these sweetest and most decadent and short-lived of blooms to go un-plucked and unappreciated.


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