Free Stuff – No Job is Finished…


The best things in life are free, of course. Love, friendship, forgiveness, family, salvation, laughter… The list goes on. We all know this. What I’d like to explore are those things in my life that may not be the best  but they’re still free (or close to it) AND bring me

No job is finished til the paperwork is done!!

paperwork 2

Amen. I wish someone would convince my 7 year old of this.

I got this lovely vintage bathroom wall art from an estate. My dad is an estate Executor and I am often dragged in to help with clean outs. It’s amazing the stuff family members – if there are any – leave behind. Half my house is furnished (and decorated) with free stuff, much of it from estates. 

This morning my five year old brought down a small jewelry box that, yes, came from an estate. She asked me if it belonged to the “dead girl.” 

Yes, my love, most of what we own once belonged to currently dead people.

7 thoughts on “Free Stuff – No Job is Finished…

  1. My friend Mike is a minister, and he’s always wearing the clothes of dead men. All the widows clean out the closets and bring him garbage bags full of clothes!

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  2. Rebecca – nice blog!

    I am writing to you because during a search fo an imagine to include in a post that I am writing on linkedin, I came across the graphic “no job is finished until the paper work is done”.
    I would like to link to this image in my post. The context of the post is purely business management – i.e. I want to focus on the definition of “done” in the aforementioned quote.

    So I am writing to you to ask your permission to use the picture. Should you agree, then please let me know how you would like me to reference the source of the graphic. I can use your name, your blog name or even a link to your blog.

    I donot intend to pay a fee for the usage, as that is something I donot do in by blogging, however I donot want to “steal” your rights tot he graphic without your permission.

    Please respond quickly as I am finalizing the text for the post this evening and would like to use you graphic with you permission.



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