Conversations with Myself

Getting a massage is a good time to think of blog posts. During my Mom’s Day Out massage on Saturday I wrote five blog posts in my head. Yay me.

I’ve forgotten four of them.

This is the problem – I do a lot of decent writing in my head, I even do good writing Out of my head. But if I don’t write it down, it’s gone.

Much of my best writing is done while having conversations with myself. That’s just a nice way of saying – I talk to myself.

For years, whenever I was talking to myself in my daughter G.’s presence she thought I was praying. I may have led her to that conclusion…

G: “Mommy, who are you talking to?”

Me: “uh, Jesus.”

The conversations I had with myself (usually in the car) in the presence of my daughter were technically not prayers – since I was talking to myself, but in my defense,

God.      Is.      Everywhere.

He hears my every thought, word and random with-self conversation and oral blog post…

…yeah, even I’m not buying it. And somewhere around age six & a half, G. stopped buying it too.


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