Defining: WRITER (Additional Thoughts)

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Earlier today I wrote some brief thoughts on what the term “Writer” means to me. (link here) I received several comments on that post and I was surprised to find that they tended to show two distinct views. I ended up thinking about this throughout the day and came to the following conclusion.



Writing seems to fall into two categories in my mind.

1. Writing as a Profession

2. Writing as a Passion

I AM passionate about writing.

My plate is SO full today with work and family and end of the week craziness that I. Do. Not. Have. Time. For. Writing.

Yet, here I am. Writing another blog post. I have a big party to attend tonight and I’m going to look like crap because my getting ready time is being spent here. Writing. Ah, c’est la vie. The thing is, my thoughts have been circling around my head all afternoon and well, I had to get it out.

Do I consider myself a Writer? Still no. Here is my reason why: The word “Writer” in my mind refers to someone whose profession is Writing. I.e. they make their living from it – or at least partial living from it. That is the definition of “Writer” that my mind accepts.

However, I do not claim that this is the only way a person can interpret the word “Writer” – obviously there are many whose views differ from mine. And I am totally Okay with that.

Let me say that again: I am totally Okay with and receptive to those whose views differ from mine.  🙂

Writing is a passion of mine, so in my mind, I am a writer with clarifications (lowercase “w”). However, I am not yet (and maybe never will be) a “Writer.”

Big X & Big O.

Bring it on.


Defining: WRITER



The Word is: Writer

Would I introduce myself to others as a “Writer?”

I think about this a lot. I am self employed and I wear so many hats that it would be easy to throw that description in there as well. However, I would never refer to myself as a “Writer,” rather, I would say, I write for a couple blogs.

If I were creating my resume, I would feel comfortable putting the word “Writer” on there to describe myself and my abilities because it is true and I have the work to back it. Also, plenty of people consider themselves “Writers” because they’ve written novels and books and articles – it doesn’t even matter if they are published. I am fine with that, if someone considers themselves a writer – who am I to question it?

However – for myself – I would not feel comfortable calling myself a “writer” unless I got paid for it.

The first time I receive an amount of money for something I’ve written I will proudly and with great joy stand up and say: I am a Writer.

What do you think constitutes a Writer?



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