Defining: WRITER



The Word is: Writer

Would I introduce myself to others as a “Writer?”

I think about this a lot. I am self employed and I wear so many hats that it would be easy to throw that description in there as well. However, I would never refer to myself as a “Writer,” rather, I would say, I write for a couple blogs.

If I were creating my resume, I would feel comfortable putting the word “Writer” on there to describe myself and my abilities because it is true and I have the work to back it. Also, plenty of people consider themselves “Writers” because they’ve written novels and books and articles – it doesn’t even matter if they are published. I am fine with that, if someone considers themselves a writer – who am I to question it?

However – for myself – I would not feel comfortable calling myself a “writer” unless I got paid for it.

The first time I receive an amount of money for something I’ve written I will proudly and with great joy stand up and say: I am a Writer.

What do you think constitutes a Writer?



A to Z Challenge: Defining Writer  (pushing it – I know. 😉 )


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13 thoughts on “Defining: WRITER

  1. Great post! I’ve never considered myself a writer. Sure I’ve written one book, working on a second, but that means squat to me. I’m not into labels or needing to feel important by calling myself a writer. I’m not…LOL I’ve got a long ways to go so I’m just enjoying the journey. -:)

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  2. I think its a bit sad that to be called something it must be of some monetary worth… You writing is valuable and every time you write… you are a writer… paycheck or not. you creating ideas and words where there were none is invaluable to the people who read them.
    I for one am glad you write.


  3. I’ve been thinking about this label a lot. I only write a bit on my blog, but do so because I want to hone that skill. When I was a teacher, we called kids mathematicians, authors, etc to encourage their interests. I’m trying to confidently say I’m a writer – because I write.


    • I think I feel like I am just at the start of what could be a long journey, that’s exciting. The title of “writer” almost feels like a prize to me – something to keep journeying toward and pursue. It’s the way I’m made up, the pursuit encourages me. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. 🙂


  4. Don’t shortchange yourself. You are a writer, regardless of whether you get paid for it or have thousands of followers. You. Are. A. Writer. Stand tall and proud {but not too proud} on that and have more faith in yourself. You have a gift and you are using it. Being a writer doesn’t mean you make tons of money or are published or hold workshops on how to create the ultimate query letter. Being a writer means simply telling your story in the form of written words in order to reach someone else because you just can’t NOT write. Writing is who we are. 🙂

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  5. What a great post – my wife and I were just talking about this! I think of writing as a hobby and don’t consider myself to be an official writer, but I’ve been passionate about writing since elementary school and just can’t seem to stop doing it (no matter how hard I try sometimes)! It might be time for us to admit that we are indeed writers!


  6. You write, you ARE a writer. Embrace it even without a paycheck in hand. Your words are not defined by a dollar amount and you shouldn’t feel the need to wait until you’ve earned a few dollars to call yourself a writer.

    I am a writer, paycheck or no paycheck. And I am proud to call myself a writer because I have worked hard on this craft for a long time. I am by no means great but I do have a passion for the written word. And that, to me, matters a lot more than collecting a paycheck for the words I write.


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