29 Forever? Not Hardly.

Ending my 41st trip around the sun isn’t so bad. Last year on this date I entered my fortieth year with a pretty good attitude. Forty-one certainly can’t be any worse than Forty!

3 things 1

The following three people were all born in 1973 (like me) and they look fabulous. I decided as long as they’re looking good and rocking their forties – so will I.

3 fabs

Aishwarya Rai BachchanNovember 1, 1973. Miss World, Bollywood Actress, Gorgeous

Andrew LincolnSeptember 14, 1973. Actor. I want to meet him and ask him to say, “Caaaarl.” I would like that.

Heidi KlumJune 1, 1973. Model, Project Runway Host, Businesswoman

For whatever reason, knowing Ash, Andy, Heidi and I are all the same age makes me feel great. And that’s enough for me. I’m easy like that.

3 things 2

My bucket list included:3 b

Learning to SewDONE!

Getting First Aid Training and CertificationDONE!3 b1

Learning How to Shoot a GunStill pending  😦  (I have the money set aside, I just haven’t gotten around to it – yet. Dang it.)3 b2

2 things 3

Disney Cruise (OK, this is for the kids, but I want it too)

Water Painting/Pen and Ink Classes (My all time favorite medium to work in, it’s been almost 25 years, but I’m ready to pick it up again.)

Attend the Opera (I’ve never been, but I desperately want to go – if I can find someone to go  with me, or even better, take me.)

The End. 🙂

PS – Everyone knows it’s not about what number you are, it’s all about what number you look like…   😉

Will I make it to the end of the bucket list? Follow me on bloglovin’ and find out.

12 thoughts on “29 Forever? Not Hardly.

  1. 1. You look great.
    2. I sort of love that you share a birthday with Springsteen AND Julio Iglesias. What could this mean.
    3. I swoon over Ash too!
    4. Is there a Disney opera you could attend?
    5. Have a great birthday!

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  2. I’ve never been to an opera either, I would love to go with you, if that man doesn’t show up or doesn’t want to go with you;)


  3. My wife recommends “Barber of Seville” for the opera. It’s very accessible. I would move learning to shoot put the priority list. Very important skill for a single woman and even more so for a single mom. As a firearms instructor, I have found most women are very good shots.


      • Good for you! We saw Handel’s “Julius Caesar” when we were in Paris, it was great, but a little on the heavy side. The Barber of Seville is really a lot of fun. Carmen is another good one if it’s not politicized. They did Carmen at the Santa Fe Opera this year and my boss said they politicized it around the whole border issue and pretty much ruined it. You will get a kick out of shooting, both literally and figuratively speaking 😉


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