“Mom, you look like you have a baby in your tummy.”


Moments before leaving for a fancy schmancy Fundraiser, I made my grand entrance down the main staircase.

Chic dress, legs freshly shaven, heels dusted off and on my feet.

Seven year old G looks up at me and says,“Mom, you look like you have a baby in your tummy.”


I did have a baby in my tummy. In fact, I had FOUR babies in my tummy.

The babies departed.

The tummy remained.


me n g

Me ‘n G. still lovin’

10 thoughts on “G

  1. Darned kids. Last Christmas I went to the first dressy party I’ve been to in YEARS. I was all dolled up, trying to pump myself up to enjoy the party and not feel nervous… cue the kids. One leans over and says, “Mom, you’re a little bit old and a little bit fat. But I love you.” Dang it.

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  2. Aww! This made me laugh. Mostly because I can relate. “I like to feel your tummy, Mommy, because it’s so squishy. It’s comforting.” Thanks, kiddo. Who needs flat abs when you have a comforting tummy?

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  3. Kids say hilarious things, even the ones who aren’t yours. As a teacher I hear things all the time. Recently I fixed my hair differently. A student asked if I got a haircut and I said no, that I just fixed it differently. She quickly replied, “Oh good, keep it like this, I wasn’t a fan of it before!” Nice. 🙂


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