That’s Not My Pee

yellow 2

My children are natural born environmentalists.

Or water conservationists.

Or maybe because of my liberal arts, women’s college background, they were just born green?

Anyhoo… my point is, they don’t flush.

By the time I enter the bathroom in the morning there have already been 2 or 3 pees deposited before me. The toilet water is glowing yellow. Although I’ve never taught my girls the catchy jingle, “If it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown, flush it down” they seem to somehow just instinctively get it – well, at least the first half.

Occasionally one of my children will come dancing in while I’m on the pot and need to go. I finish up, shimmy past them in the 12 inches of space between the sink and the tub and turn around to see them staring at the well of urine a shade of yellow bordering on chartreuse and find I must restrain myself from saying, “That’s not my pee.”

I mean really, how lazy do you have to be to Not flush the toilet?