Why Do YOU Write?


I do most of my best thinking – in the shower. While massaging in the shampoo the other day I was thinking about blogging.

Why I write.

What the future might hold.

I thought about “likes” and “comments” and “followers.”  I thought about how I would love to know if what I write amuses or touches anyone and, if so, what was it? I considered how important (or unimportant) the knowledge of these things were to my continued blogging – or writing in general.

By the time I rinsed off I had come to these 3 conclusions:

  1. My writing makes me laugh. Out loud. And sometimes, over and over.
  2. I am often moved by my own writing. Recently I wrote a couple posts for another blog and while editing them, I cried at the last line – Every. Single. Time.
  3. If I am the only one in the whole world amused or moved by my writing – then that is enough for me to keep doing it. And anyway, I believe God set me on this path  – so I’ll just keep walking (or writing.)

However, I feel like this will be a subject that I need to revisit. Quite often.

At least I’ll be really clean.

I am curious though, Writers/Bloggers: What motivates you to write and specifically, keep on writing?


Why I Blog

Why I Blog

I don’t blog because I’m a writer. I blog because I’m a communicator. This doesn’t mean I’m a talker, although I do talk, just not excessively. In all honesty, I do talk excessively – in my head. That’s why I blog.

You know that person who lives in your neighborhood that walks around talking to themselves? I know you have one, every neighborhood has one.

My overactive mind thinks in blog posts and Facebook statuses and needs an outlet. In reality, I’m just a hair’s breadth away from becoming my neighborhood’s next Talker Walker.

The above picture is of an upcoming blog post scribbled on an article from DivorceCare about Surviving the Holidays. I wrote it on the only piece of paper I could find while vacuuming. I generally have a scrap of paper in my pocket at all times in case of brain overflow.