I Need a Wife Just Like Me


I definitely Did Not learn my cleaning habits from my mother.

Confession #1: It’s not unusual for me to vacuum the bathroom.

Is this weird?

You see, my bathroom is on the third floor between two carpeted bedrooms. It just makes sense for me to vacuum the bathroom tile while passing through between the bedrooms.

Confession #2: I also vacuum the ceiling fan. It doesn’t work very well. The mouth of the vacuum kind of flops over and when I try to suck off the dust it just keeps pushing the fan around, so it doesn’t really do much, but I figure something is better than nothing.

Confession #3: (If you haven’t already drawn this conclusion, I’m gonna spell it out for you.)

I’m not much of a cleaner.

I’d much rather be working in ways that earn me some cash. I often see blog posts come across my Facebook feed that discuss things like Daily Cleaning routines, “15 Minutes to a Cleaner House”, Make your bed every day,… Honestly, I’m not even sure why I “like” these pages.

Most of the time, just keeping my children alive is the best I can do.