It Didn’t Happen

It didn’t happen this week.

Every Wednesday I put up a post with household projects that I planned to do during the coming week and follow-up from the previous week. See example here. This REALLY helps me get projects done around the house – and I am LOVING it.

I knew this past week would be busy and I shouldn’t have planned anything, but I did. Aaaaaaand, it didn’t happen.

Oh well, it can wait til next week and instead of painting a vanity I had a ton of fun with my family celebrating Good Friday, Easter, Spring Break and my daughter’s eleventh birthday. (I told you I shouldn’t have scheduled anything.)

No Before’s and After’s this week my friends, however, I leave you with lovely collage of our week (mostly yesterday.)

the one

Sometimes, Making it Happen is building the family. 

See you next week when I will be back to the grind.