WINter, I Thought You Won.

My mind keeps flashing to the scene from Forest Gump where Lt. Dan is raging at the storm while suspended in the rigging of his boat.

At some point while making dinner it all came together. My internal Lt. Dan was speaking to me.


This is the Northeast and the amount of snow I’ve already shoved this winter measures in the several feet.

WINter, after the last set of storms, I thought you’d won. But I was wrong. My internal Lt. Dan is raging today and all I can say is, Bring. It. On.

lt dan

Poor Lt. Dan was raging against God, I’m just taking on the snow. Me and God are cool.

You Might Call it a Snow Day

But around here I like to call it, “No Make-up Day” or occasionally, “Bathe My 6 Year Old Who Hasn’t Seen Soap and Water since Last Saturday Day.”

This afternoon I’m going to refer to is as, “You Better Believe the Kids are Giving Me a Serious Massage after I Shoveled All That Snow Day.”

I prefer not to be locked in to terminology. 



I did this.