My Children Think the School Nurse is a Free Clinic

My children think the school nurse is a free clinic.

This is a fact.

school nurse

When I was a kid the school nurse came to our school once a week. And, for example, if you were in second grade and started to feel sick so you asked permission to go to the lavatory but you didn’t quite make it and instead, vomited the entire way from your classroom, through the hallway, down the steps and into the girls’ bathroom (I deny this ever happened to me), you got to a trip to The Janitor.

This is also a fact: When I was a kid I saw the school nurse once a year. She checked my head for lice and my spine for scoliosis. Other than that, we got a visit to The Janitor.

These days:

Get hit in the head by a basketball during recess – receive a call from the school nurse.

Sneeze and get snot all over your pants – receive a call from the school nurse.

Trip over a chair and fall on your face in front of your entire classroom – receive a call from the school nurse.

She has me on speed dial.