Decisions…Decisions. I Need Advice.


This is so me.

I need advice:

On a rack of movies this morning at Walmart I noticed that one of my favorite books had been made into a movie – and I didn’t even know it! I confess, I missed a lot of things while living in India from 1999 to 2011, things like: The Bizarre Rise of the Kardashians, entire series of TV shows with cult followings like Lost, Alias and 24, as well as pretty much everything in the video game and cell phone arena.

However, according to Netflix, this movie came out in 2013. Obviously a straight to DVD situation.



So here is my dilemma – when you love a book and it has subsequently been movie-ized (esp. when you are pretty sure it’s been made into a made for DVD/B movie) do you risk tainting the memory of your beloved character to watch it, or do you pretend the whole thing never happened and move on with your life?

Inquiring minds want to know. I.e. me.

There’s a Barbie Band-Aid on My Ankle

At some point during my teenage years I paged through my mother’s yearbook. To my great surprise I discovered that Joan, my Very Own Actual Mother, was known for “always having her nose in a book.”


In all my live-long days I never witnessed this. Mom. Reading a book.


Today, speaking as one on whom motherhood has also descended, I get it.

In High School I was voted “Talks the Least and Says the Most” in the yearbook. Unfortunately, there was a typo and it actually said, “Talks the Most and Says the Least.” Ha ha yearbook editor person. Very funny.

The point is, I was the nerdy, quiet kid discretely reading my Piers Anthony Xanth novel hunched over behind the boy in front of me during Geometry class. Reading was my passion.


Neither do I. But it hasn’t been very many.

Oh Mom, I get it now.


I get it.