Not as Smart as I Look

note to self

Note this down, I’m not as smart as I look.

For example: I happened to be at the post office the other day. After some chit chat Ernest, the postal employee, learned I was mailing tax returns. He asked if I did taxes. I explained that no, I don’t, but my brother and dad do. He must not have been listening because he started asking me tax questions while tallying up my postage. I explained again that I really don’t know anything about tax preparation – just to be clear. Ernest, however, didn’t seem to mind, free advice is well, free, so he kept asking.

O-kay.  My conscience is clear. At this point, I’m just going to start answering.

You see, I’m one of those people who’s not afraid. Period. You want to ask me for advice after I’ve given you my I’m not qualified to answer disclaimer, go for it. You want advice? I’ll give you advice.

I’ve always imagined myself as the person who, if ever stuck in an apocalyptic survival situation, would be the one willing to perform triage surgery. If someone was dying and they needed to have a bullet or appendix removed and there was no one qualified to perform the surgery… I believe with all my heart that I’d step right up and just do it, medically qualified or not.

I figure if a person’s chances of survival are 0% without intervention, I can’t really do worse than that.

Not. Afraid.

Bad tax advice won’t kill you, but it could mess up your life.

Take note, if I’ve told you that I’m not qualified to answer, you should probably listen to me. I’m just not as smart as I look.


PS – I bounced the tax question off my brother and I was, not surprisingly, totally wrong.

You’ve been warned.

Free Stuff – Picture Frame


The best things in life are free, of course. Love, friendship, forgiveness, family, salvation, laughter… The list goes on. We all know this. What I’d like to explore are those things in my life that may not be the best  but they’re still free (or close to it) AND bring me joy.

Welcome to my very first “Free Stuff” Blog post!

My friend at the post office gives me stuff. Over the years some of the things he’s given me include: Pineapple Upside-down cake, a Betty Boop collapsible side table, old peoples’ returned mail that contained things like free calculators, pens, pads, gloves, greeting cards, calendars and stickers. Expired food items (left over from a food drive, I guess) and this magnificent frame with a 3D Hebrew Home Blessing.


I hoped to use the frame for a family portrait. It’s gorgeous and huge and ornate – and expensive. I figured I could sell the 3D Home Blessing on eBay.


Ultimately, the blessing could not be removed without completely destroying it. It now lives behind our family portrait. I’ll take all the blessing I can get.