I’ve shared a few times what prompted me to start (and keep on) writing this blog (Why I Blog, Why Do YOU Write and Clothed with Joy.) One fruit of blogging has been the opportunity to be a writer for a faith based blog called Moms of Faith. Starting today my articles will be featured every Wednesday and Saturday.

This is very exciting, yet so intimidating at the same time. The articles I write for Moms of Faith are a different side of me than is usually seen here at Clothed with Joy – a much more vulnerable side. Plus, I’m writing for someone else and a bigger audience – so I’m sure that plays into the shaky elbow feeling as well.

My first article is called “When Everything is Not Awesome.” Even if you are Not a mom,take a minute and hop on over there – there’s no check in required, you will not need to show your stretch marks as proof of motherhood.

My hope is that the words I write hold messages of truth, blessing and healing that transcend gender, marital status, parenthood and belief system.

Find link here: When Everything is Not Awesome



What’s Wrong With Me?

Common Symptom Presentation

  • Watching children’s programs – with no children present.
  • Singing “Everything is Awesome” to yourself throughout the day.
  • Playing “What’s in my pocket?” to amuse yourself while standing in line. (gum wrapper, hairband, 57 cents, used tissue, Dunkin receipt.
  • Constipation
  • Pop tarts and fruit snacks a likely lunch. Ketchup is considered a valid vegetable.

If you have two or more of these symptoms you may be: A Parent.

Monday to Friday I boot my children out the door for school at 8AM. For the next thirty minutes I like to straighten up the house, eat my whole grain bagel and watch a little “Dog, The Bounty Hunter.” Don’t judge me.

Sadly, around the last bite of my bagel I often realize that I spent my entire breakfast watching “Kickin’ It” or the like. All by myself.

I’m not certain what’s wrong with me, but I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one plagued with this affliction.

Can I hear an Amen?

By the way,


*Symptom #4 is most often caused by frequent interruptions during your body’s elimination of excretions schedule.