When I Had Nothing

It’s not Christmas. It’s not even July. But today’s word of inspiration, NOTHING, brought to mind White Christmas.


Betty & Bob sitting by the fire singing, Count Your Blessings (Instead Of Sheep).

“When my bankroll is getting small
I think of when I had none at all
And I fall asleep counting my blessings”

A few years ago my girls and I were moving into our own apartment after living with my parents for a couple months. We had nothing. Absolutely nothing. I used to tell people, we don’t even have a toilet brush.

On the day we moved in, there it was – a brand new toilet brush. But not just that, there was furniture, kitchen appliances, bedroom fixtures, curtains and so much more. We had blessing after blessing poured out on us by family and friends and loved ones from our church. Someone even had leftover paint in their garage that was the exact color I had chosen for the walls. To this day I’ve saved the color sheets from Home Depot to remind me of that blessing. I never want to forget.

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I’d Rather Be Blogging


I’d rather be blogging, but instead I spent the entire day painting. I will LOVE my new bedroom, but in the meantime – I’d still rather be blogging. Or writing. Or sleeping….r3Ugly, non-Rebecca color on walls. Must paint over.


I had some mini-helpers in the morning, but eventually they said I was “mean” because I kept reprimanding them for stepping in paint and tracking it around the floors. Meanest mom ever. I know.  Mostly they laid around and watched Monster Week on Animal Planet.









I hope to still get the upper wall color on tonight. The good news is that in my frugal scrounging in the basement and various closets I found enough paint left over from previous tenants to prime the whole room. I also found the exact color I want to paint the upper portion of the wall. Go me saving $50 or so and recycling, reusing, repurposing.  You’re welcome.

I am pretty exhausted. Around four o’clock I sat down on the bed to eat some watermelon. By the time the guy on TV was telling his abducted by aliens story I was fast asleep – on the mattress that the previous owner did NOT die on but did trickle away the last years of his life languishing on. So, yeah, I was that tired.

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Joy Inducing

The word is: Paint

I invested a lot of my High School years into art. I loved (still love) art. Yet, after four years I came to the sad conclusion that the internal creativeness that I believe is required for an artist to produce art was not present inside of me. I could imitate art but that wasn’t enough for me to consider pursuing it.

Twenty years later I discovered the key to unlocking the creativity in my heart. Repurposing.  I love to repurpose objects from the past and make them useful again for a new generation.

I’m a very practical person. I feel the most creative when my art can be used in some way. It’s why I love to bake and cook. Crochet. And especially create repurposed items to wear or for the home.

Recently I’ve been painting with my words. In the same way as the art I create with my hands, I want my words to be useful. To have purpose. I want the picture that I paint with my words to produce something in the reader. I want them to induce JOY.






joy 2

I paint with my words.



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