Cure for Blue Hearts

weird love

If you’re a single adult you may occasionally feel lonesome.

At times I confess I also feel blue when I look around and see happy couples. I’m truly convinced there is someone for everyone, I mean, look around, the variety of people in relationships is just astounding!

And the more unique the individuals in the relationship appear, the more deeply I feel the lack of my very own “other half.”

Now, I’m not hit with the “woe is me” bug all that often but when I am, this is what I do:

  1. Go to the grocery store.
  2. Find something to buy, a pack of gum will do.
  3. Stand in the checkout line (NOT self-checkout!)
  4. Read the covers of the entertainment magazines displayed in front of you.
  5. Find Jennifer Aniston.


Keep looking, she’ll be there on the cover of inTouch or Star or US Weekly.

6. Think to yourself, “Even Jennifer Aniston hasn’t found love yet.”

You’ll feel better. Trust me.


Where Everybody Knows Your Name – A “Post” for Lonely People



If you’re lonely, visit the post office at least a couple times a week. It’s better than a bar and Everyone actually DOES know your name…

“Post” is a pun, get it?


I love the post office and I get free stuff.