I Am What Happens to Your Stuff

I called my brother the other day and reached his voicemail. He must have still been at the burial site and couldn’t pick up. I was waiting at the country club trying to find out how soon everyone would arrive from the cemetery so I could let the chef know when to bring out the food. The sooner the better, I had a five year old to pick up at a bowling themed birthday party at 1:30.

It was Saturday and I was working. I had three children with me because there was a minimum of 35 for food and we were crossing our fingers to get 25 at the funeral and lunch. I figured somebody has to eat all those stuffed shells and beef tips, it may as well be us. When you reach 94, you’ve outlived most of the warm butts who would normally attend your services. It happens.

This is what I do. Everything and anything, from funeral luncheon arrangements to disposing of storagebelongings, including but not limited to, clothing, food, china, furniture, vintage Pfaff sewing machines, decorative plates and mid-century blaupunkt radio turntable liquor cabinets that everybody and their brother’s grandparents once had displayed prominently next to their chenille sofas. And jewelry. Jewelry is nice.

I search for hidden cash in ancient Tupperware containers and in envelopes taped under dresser drawers. The treasure hunt makes up for the times I must empty disgusting fridges and clean up other people’s bathrooms. They don’t make rubber gloves large enough for that.

Over the years I’ve found money and cut gems, massive amounts of vintage jewelry and enough bows to top Christmas presents for the rest of my life. I don’t get to keep anything, except the bows, and the dryer sheets and loads of tissue boxes. But, all in all, it’s not such a bad way to make a buck.

Blog Series – Free Stuff – Vintage Jewelry…

The best things in life are free, of course. Love, friendship, forgiveness, family, salvation, laughter… The list goes on. We all know this. What I’d like to explore are those things in my life that may not be the best  but they’re still free (or close to it) AND bring me joy.best

Vintage Lapis Lazuli Brooch.


I love just about everything vintage, but my passion is vintage jewelry. Specifically, I love to SELL (and repurpose) vintage jewelry. Check out my Etsy shops for what’s available. (shameless plug)

Two years ago I helped my Dad with an estate clear out of an elderly woman’s property. Soon after, I was charged with selling her costume jewelry, of which she had a ton. So entered I into the wonderful world of eBay.

I do adore research, so I enjoyed learning all about vintage jewelry makers and the quality of the pieces. There is nothing quite like putting an item on a seven day eBay auction and watching the price just keep on rising. I get a thrill every time.

PicMonkey Collage

Stuff I’ve sold.

I rarely keep pieces, but this little lovely lapis lazuli brooch was just too exquisite to part with. I purchased it at a yard sale with several other items. The price: 30 cents.

Is it real? I don’t know and, frankly, I don’t care. I love it.