I dream big.

I may be a sweet little (mostly) humor blog, but I dream big.

One of my recent goals was to get on bloglovin’. It may not seems like that big of a deal to you, but there is a learning curve to this blog stuff and I’m still curvin’ or learnin’ or somethin’.

Anyhoo, I follow blogs on bloglovin’ – the cool DIY ones. The snaz-zay ones. The ones run by people who actually earn a living from their blogs because they work super hard, are creative, and work super hard. Bless them.

I really just want to connect and make people smile. But I want to make MORE people smile, so I joined bloglovin’. It wasn’t hard and I even got the widget (that’s a weird word) up.










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Coming off the high of a “new” kitchen I am seriously considering redoing my bedroom. And when I say “redoing” I mean – doing something. Painting, Shabby Chic-ing, Wallpapering the ceiling. Something.  For the last two and a half years it has been a place to sleep and change. There is no life. No Me in there. Green walls left over from the previous occupants. A bed, some nasty furniture and an ironing board smack in the middle that serves no purpose but to hold transitional stuff.

ImageImage Wall Art.

I suppose that for the past two and a half years I’ve looked at this little apartment as temporary. A stop in between on the way to somewhere else. Somewhere else – like marriage. Maybe that’s at the heart of it. I hoped to marry. I hope to marry. And Move. Or at least expand. Or at the very least, move out of that bedroom.

But here I am, ready to own it. It’s my place. I need to Make it My Place. A place I want to be. A dwelling.

dwell [dwɛl] vb dwells, dwelling, dwelt [dwɛlt], dwelled (intr)

1. Formal, literary to live as a permanent resident