Not Much is Gonna Happen if You Just Stay Home

I really just wanted to lie down on Saturday afternoon.

Yet, I had an open window from 2PM, when I dropped off two children at a birthday party, until 5PM when I needed to pick them up.

Drive into the City and meet Culture Monk/Kenneth Justice  who was visiting Philadelphia on his Drinking in the Culture Tour or not? That was the question.

It’s weird, isn’t it? To walk into a coffee house with a 10 and 5 year old at your side to meet a person that you only know through reading his blog? In fact, I wasn’t even sure what he looked like, between the coffee cup and the baseball cap all I could decipher from his profile picture were bright blue eyes. I should just stay home and rest, I thought, meeting this random person has got to be weird.

Thankfully, Weird and me are old buddies. Weird said, if you don’t meet him while you have this chance, you’ll regret it. Weird was right. I would have.

I don’t know what was more intimidating, meeting a person I’ve never met or walking into a coffee house. For non-coffee drinkers like me, I assume the coffee employees are going to spot me right away. “COFFEE HATER!” they’ll point and yell before sliding me out the door.

The good news is, the place was Super busy and I apparently slipped in unnoticed by the Coffee Drinker United police. My girls and I stood by the entrance- not in line, but next to it and I said to C, “I think that might be him.” Deep breath. “Are you Kenneth Justice?” I managed to get out.

And he was.

Shake hands. Introduce myself. Bolt for the door. That was the plan.

But Kenneth immediately pulled up chairs and engaged us in conversation. Warmest person in the world.

In more crazy news, Kenneth chose to shared the story of our meeting on his blog The Culture Monk today. Find it here. It’s strange to be the one written about and not the one writing.

Kenneth is a story-teller of other people’s stories. He’s a conversation initiator and obviously a lover of humanity. What a great job you have Kenneth. You are blessed.

I’m so glad I didn’t stay home and nap.

Oh, and FYI – I know the answer to the question Kenneth posed in his article:

Whatever is attributed as good, or noble or admirable in me is always and ONLY the work of Christ in my life.



The sweet girls eating their promised frozen yogurt and watching a street juggler. Glad we didn’t stay home.