Me & You: Friend

There is something utterly sad about someone without a friend. My dad told us yesterday that the reason my neighbor Bill’s family (father & daughter) did not have a service for him after he passed away a few weeks ago was because they could not think of a single person to invite.

I cannot find a word to express how sad that is.

However, I am a FIRM believer that to have a friend, you have to be a friend. You have to put yourself out there and make it happen.

Initiate a conversation

Invite someone over or out to eat

Follow up with what you said you would do (like get together some time)

I am blessed to have a BFFF. (Best Friend for Freakin’ Forever, pardon my French)

When I was broken and alone, she pursued a relationship with me. She made it happen. Had me over. Opened up her life and her heart to me. I’m so glad she did.


She also goes with me to the tattoo parlor, takes me in when my heart is broken (twice), celebrates random holidays with me so we won’t be alone, remembers all those special events that no one else does, the list goes on…

Nothing Beats a Best Friend.


This post was written for 5 minute Fridays. Find link here.

Mom’s Day Out


Once a year my BFF gives me a day all to myself. She promises to watch my kids, gives me a Gift Certificate for a massage and tells me to do whatever I desire the rest of the time.

Best. Gift. Ever.

Me.  Stymied.

On a regular day, hiding in my heat-less office feeling my toes go numb is what I do to relax. A trip to the bathroom with no one calling my name is treat. Shipping my kids off to bed at exactly 8:59pm on a Sunday night so I can watch The Walking Dead in peace? – Highlight of my week.

But a Whole Day?

What I’d really like to do is drive across the United States visiting national parks, but I doubt I can fit that into six hours. Dang it.

nat park

So, in the end, I will fall back on my old faithful.

Part 1. Massage

Part 2. Movies

Part 2 also. Eat lunch at the movies.

Pick up kids.

Massage and Movies – it’s not quite a road trip to Yellowstone, but I’m not complaining. It’s gonna be a good day.