Quit Striving

‘As I was standing on the median looking at the crushed minivan that belonged to a friend, I asked God “why?” Not in an accusing way, but I want to learn this lesson the first time kind of way.’

This is profound…

…and written by a dear friend.

A Living Flame

It’s been 7 years ago today. 7 years since I quit striving. Beginning young in ministry things just grew and I had to grow with them. There was never a time someone sat me down and said, “This is how you should do this.” I just had to learn. In the earliest days we did not even have internet, so if I didn’t already own a book on a topic, there was no learning beyond what I already knew. It’s not surprising I got myself into this season.

As the ministry grew so did the financial need. Our family grew as well. 7 years ago we were in the US for our furlough to have our youngest son. We also had great financial need and had a fundraising campaign of sorts to work on. Our last 2 babies were scheduled C-section boys. The middle child was born on a Monday…

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