“I love my video games more”….REALLY???

As my friend Kenneth Justice says, “The cure for loneliness is community. ” He’s writing about something I am passionate about today, friends. As bloggers, how often do we get caught up in checking for “likes,” comments or followers? What?! I love this post! I poured myself into it – yet, no one is even reading it, let alone “liking” it… I know I fall in to that trap. I LOVE my blogging community, but my real life, physical, breathing, face to face community is vital to my well being and emotional wellness.

Culture Monk


By Kenneth Justice

~ “Dude! Where have you been?!” I asked

I was sitting at coffee yesterday and a friend walked in who I hadn’t seen in nearly two months. Normally he stops in to coffee every morning so it’s been rather conspicuous for him to have suddenly disappeared,

Oh, well I’ve been really busy. The new video game came out and I’ve been glued to it every minute I’m not at work” he said

Apparently, some video game where you play with other people and shoot them or something, was recently released (I know nothing about video games) and my friend hasn’t left the house other than to go to work for the past fifteen days.

The world has definitely changed quite a bit over the past forty years; electronic devices have become a major element of Western Culture; IPhones, video games, laptops, etc. It…

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