Because I Remember

I hope because I remember.

I didn’t want to walk through the fire. To stay there for months and years on end. But the fire was where I found God.

I didn’t want to be bound. To kneel before God, the Almighty Judge, and plead for deliverance day after day. But in my bondage I found sight and saw Him clearly.

I didn’t want to be pitied. To be in need of charity and assistance. To have my life scrutinized and examined. In my pitiable state I found grace and learned of its power.

I have not forgotten and because I remember, I hope.

And those who have hope, survive.

romans 5

Today’s post was inspired by:

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7 thoughts on “Because I Remember

  1. Hi Rebecca, I linked up next to you at Five Minute Friday. I can relate…God chasing me through the fire and the hope which came in my final surrender. Beautiful post. Glad to meet you!


  2. Hi Rebecca,
    I’m visiting from FMF. Beautiful post. I’ve had refining experiences in the fire that I remember well, too. Love the end, “…because I remember, I hope.” It resonates deep. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Oh, I love this one today. I too, have walked through the fire and never wanted to be there, but I can honestly say that He has blessed me through every trial and in every way.


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