Hold this.

Standing in a crowded room trying to have a conversation with the woman in front of me about Room Moms and what must be done, I feel a little someone bump into my arm.

“Mom, can you hold this?” She says, holding up an enormous stuffed dog she bought at IKEA.

“No. You brought it, you hold it. I don’t hold your stuff.”gdog

Two minutes later I glance down at my hands and see that not only am I holding a large stuffed dog, but also a water bottle, coloring book and pencil.

Hold on a minute… how did this happen? How does this always happen?


This post was inspired by Five Minute Friday: Hold. Link up here. 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Hold this.

  1. Love that!!! How does that happen! 🙂 I find myself all the time doing this! What a great painted picture in words…holding things which are not our own! Very thought provoking….I’m going to hold onto that picture, especially when at the end of Sunday morning, I’m holding all kinds of crafts and papers which are not my own to carry!

    PS….great catchy tag line “Single mom, single woman, sometimes funny, sometimes not.” Looking forward to reading more from you!


    • Yes. Absolutely true. It’s funny how a little post can mean so much more than you ever imagined. When I find myself holding on to my children’s things, I usually give them back – but sometimes I will look at them and see them playing free and unaware and I choose to keep holding on.


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