Blonds All Look Alike (to me)


I’m confessing this right now: Blonds look alike to me.

I’ve always suspected it but it wasn’t confirmed until this morning when I tried to convince my daughter that her friend was standing on the other side of the gym. I kept pointing her out and saying her name while my daughter searched diligently for her friend.

At last a light bulb must have gone off in her head, (probably when I said, “There, sitting on the chair in the green shirt”) so she said, “That’s not her, mom.”

My eyesight is fine. I’m forty and don’t wear corrective lenses. Since I started using my iPhone my eyesight has deteriorated but I figure I have at least two more years before glasses. I reiterate, my eyesight is fine. I could see the girl. She was small, and blond. I can’t help it, they all look the same to me.

I have nothing against blonds. My heart is full of love for all kinds of lovely blond people. In fact, my BFF is a gorgeous blond. It’s just that, for some reason I can’t seem to tell them apart. All blonds look the same to me.

I can’t be the only one, can I?

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7 thoughts on “Blonds All Look Alike (to me)

  1. I ran up to a girl in my high school, like I would run up to my best friend, by slapping her on the back. Not her, just another blonde, talk about awkward.


  2. OMG bless your heart for the honesty LOL. I’ve always been this way!! I’d sound racist so I wouldn’t think to post this myself. LOL I can’t even tell good-looking blond actors apart. They just all look alike.


  3. I’m a veterinarian. I can’t recognize my clients without their dogs or cats. If some changes a hair style I’m really thrown for a loop. Fortunately, my children are of different genders.
    I have 2 black cats, named Zoot and Dingo. I can’t tell them apart. For anyone who gets the reference, Zoot and Dingo were the sisters at the Castle Anthrax in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. They were both played by the lovely, charming, and funny Carol Cleveland.


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