Battle of the Stuff

Inspired by Five Minute Friday today: Belong.

It would be a sweet post if I talked about belonging or not belonging or finding a place to belong, …but honestly, my thoughts can’t help but flow in this direction:

What do I do with this trashbag full of stuff that I cleaned out of the car the other week?

Finding a place for everything to belong is a constant battle. Stuff. Everywhere. Stuff!

stuff pic

Downsizing and less stuff, blah blah blah, I’ve heard it/read it a million times – but I lived in India for 12 years and we didn’t have much but we STILL had stuff everywhere. My house was swept out at least twice a day and there was ALWAYS stuff in the way, on the floor, waiting to be put away. Stuff.

It comes in with the mailman, in school bags, on feet, from art classes, the pool… It enters in bags from Walmart, Justice, RiteAid, Target, ShopRite and the Thrift store…

Whenever I do a purge (which is often, believe me) I feel like my house is lighter somehow – but just like weightloss and those pesky calories, the Stuff creeps back.

I wonder if I were single would there be less stuff?


This post was written for Five Minute Friday. Link up here.5minutefriday

6 thoughts on “Battle of the Stuff

  1. I feel the weight of the “stuff” too. Even with my attempts of purging and avoiding shopping as much as possible, we still have loads. They seem to multiply. Crazy, isn’t it.
    I’m visiting from FMF. Thanks for making me not feel alone in be “stuff” battles.


  2. I feel I need to name “stuff” in my house as it’s a permanent fixture. I may as well pop it on the council tax bill. No matter where I move it to, it builds up there. Wow I really don’t like stuff!


  3. I’m caught in a similar situation with my room/home office. I have junk that I’d compiled over the years and feel a reluctance to get rid of. I’m sure I’ll find a use for all of it, I suppose it’s just a matter of time.


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