Why I Choose to Eat My Own

If there is an occasion where I am asked to bring a food item or dessert, you can bank on the fact that out of the enormous amount of food items present I will choose to eat my own.

I’m not sure where this ranks on the Weirdness Scale, but since I am so very consistent in this habit (ask my friends and family), something inside me tells me that it is definitely strange and that it probably ranks a 3 or 4 on the W.S.

A score of 10 on the Weirdness Scale would be something along the lines of bringing a Pink Molded Tuna Mousse to a potluck. (#gag #Ijustthrewupalittle #Ineedtostoptalkingabouttunamousse #gagagain)

tuna mousse

I only bring this up because my brother was telling me about a potluck retirement dinner they had at their church on Saturday and a woman brought a pink molded tuna mousse to share. O-kay, I accept that this nasty, obviously alien-inspired creation might only rank as a 7 on the Weirdness Scale, but my brother also told me that the woman CALLED him the week before to make certain that no one else had signed up to bring a TUNA MOUSSE. (That confirmation call kicked this tuna mousse right on up to a 10 on the W.S.)

What planet is this person from? Who eats this stuff? (#justthrewupalittle #again) Am I the weird one?

I may score a 3 (possible 4) for always choosing to eat my own potluck dish – but can you blame me when the world is full of  Pink Molded Tuna Mousse bringers? (#hurlinginthebowl)

IS this weird? Would you eat Tuna Mousse?

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11 thoughts on “Why I Choose to Eat My Own

  1. Being somewhat Germaphobe-y, I support eating what you bring. You know your kitchen is clean, there are no cats walking around on the counter and that God forbid if there is a hair in the food it’s your own. Ha! I just grossed myself out.

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    • Yeah – there is so much to gross yourself out about in this post. I lived in India for a LONG time so food stuff doesn’t usually get me – but… gag, tuna mousse – gag…


  2. I might even try the tuna mouse just out of sheer curiosity. So are you saying you ONLY eat your own stuff at a potluck? That IS a little weird, since there are so many options. Often I will eat a little of what I brought, but I usually fill my plate to overflowing sampling all the yummy things OTHER people brought too.


      • Of course you did. 😉 I don’t think you’re so weird after all, though, because I usually eat some of my own dish at potlucks, too–unless I know I messed up the taste of it, in which I leave it for other people to eat. 😉


  3. I’ve learned to stick with what I bring at church potlucks… the few times I’ve tried the strange and “creative” offerings, I’ve always regretted it. You just never know if a typical housewife has whipped up that Tuna Mousse, or a 90-year old spinster who is too blind to notice that her milk expired three months ago! Just sayin… okay, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go puke now (your pictures really did me in – LOL!)

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