I’d Rather Be Blogging


I’d rather be blogging, but instead I spent the entire day painting. I will LOVE my new bedroom, but in the meantime – I’d still rather be blogging. Or writing. Or sleeping….r3Ugly, non-Rebecca color on walls. Must paint over.


I had some mini-helpers in the morning, but eventually they said I was “mean” because I kept reprimanding them for stepping in paint and tracking it around the floors. Meanest mom ever. I know.  Mostly they laid around and watched Monster Week on Animal Planet.









I hope to still get the upper wall color on tonight. The good news is that in my frugal scrounging in the basement and various closets I found enough paint left over from previous tenants to prime the whole room. I also found the exact color I want to paint the upper portion of the wall. Go me saving $50 or so and recycling, reusing, repurposing.  You’re welcome.

I am pretty exhausted. Around four o’clock I sat down on the bed to eat some watermelon. By the time the guy on TV was telling his abducted by aliens story I was fast asleep – on the mattress that the previous owner did NOT die on but did trickle away the last years of his life languishing on. So, yeah, I was that tired.

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