Happiness is Not a Destination

Happiness is not a destination. That’s our family motto. Well, at least it’s mine and I keep trying to sell it to my kids. They get it, but they surely haven’t completely bought in. Not yet.

This is also the title of a post I’ve written for Moms of Faith. Find the entire article here: Happiness is Not a Destination. Happiness right where you are…


I’m honored to write every Wednesday & Saturday for Moms of Faith.

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6 thoughts on “Happiness is Not a Destination

  1. Short, sweet, and to the point! Love it! “Happiness is where you are.” If more people would truly grasp that idea, there might be less misery… Thank you for a wonderful post!


  2. Oh, gosh!! Loved this:

    “The issue is in her heart, not her mind. She is choosing to be discontent, choosing to believe that everyone has it better than her; and it is affecting her attitude, and stealing her joy.”

    Stealing. her. joy.

    Yes!! So true.


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