I’m Forty and This is What I Eat

I’m forty years old and this is what I eat.

If you have been following along (or are new – hello) you may recall that I have taken a mini-vacation from childrearing, work, home duties, basically all that everyday life stuff, to get away alone for two and a half days. No people. No TV. No Wifi. No shopping. No touring. No eating out. Just me, the Lord, a couple good books and a lot of walking. And a lot of quiet. Have I mentioned the quiet?

It has been scrumptious. But I digress…

I didn’t want to worry about cooking, obviously, so I packed a bag of essentials and have been living off them since Sunday afternoon – i.e. 48 hours. Not pictured, but also present (always) – Diet Snapple – naturally. Some pita chips and BLT fixin’s would have been nice but I didn’t have time.

I’m forty and this is what I eat.

What are your go-to food items?


10 thoughts on “I’m Forty and This is What I Eat

  1. All those foods you have there are what I’d take. I need protein in a meal to keep me filled, otherwise, my energy drops and I feel tired. Peanut butter is amazing as a meal in itself. Plenty of protein and it fills me up right away.

    Also, good getting back to quiet times in life. I miss that. The only time I have that is when I’m in the basement with the door closed. But even then I hear rustling about upstairs as I try to read another pager in my reading challenge!


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