Answer Honestly

Answer honestly. Captain-America-Poster

It’s Friday night and you walk into a 6:45PM movie, for example, Captain America, The Winter Soldier, and see a woman seated along with 1,2,3,- four children. What comes to mind?

“Oh crap.” ?

“They’re gonna be loud.”

“How cute.”  Hahahahahahaha, (wipes tear) that was a good one.

Oh, you didn’t even notice?

Just curious because, I might have possibly been at the movies at 6:45 last night with four children watching CA, TWS. Now, granted, my seven year old was ticked and whiny when it was after 7PM and the actual movie hadn’t started yet. “You said FOUR minutes!”


Never-fear, it’s not nearly as bad as you imagine. Ten minutes into the film, both the five AND seven year old were sound asleep. On me. I’ve just now regained feeling to my left arm.

Why do I even buy tickets for these people?

We made it through the next 2 hours and 3 minutes of movie without a peep. Well, almost. The little one whined for something to drink the entire last fifteen minutes, but it was intermittent and somewhat quiet whining. I did finally pay attention to her and realized that my eleven year old was harboring nearly two gallons of Sprite just two seats down.

Alls well that ends well. And, let’s face it, we could have been watching The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Everybody should be counting their blessings.



So, be honest, what DO you think when you see a child/row of children in an older audience movie? Inquiring minds want to know.

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5 thoughts on “Answer Honestly

  1. As a single, childless person I can tell you my reaction upon seeing kids in a theater. For me, if the movie (like Captain America) is child appropriate, I don’t even give the kids a second though. I worry more about the adults who won’t get off their cell phones during the previews. Now I have been in movies that are REALLY not child appropriate and even then my thought doesn’t go to “oh, great there are kids in this theater” it is more of “why on earth would you take a kid to a movie that may scar them for life?”


    • Oh my goodness, I am one of them too. I took my two youngest to see The Lone Ranger (which I LOVED) but only because my two older girls were seeing something else and my mom was with me – I had no one to watch them. It was TOTALLY not appropriate for them. My 6 y.o. hasn’t yet recovered. Bad mommy.

      Thanks for chiming in!


      • I wouldn’t think “bad mommy” at the Lone Ranger, but I have seen people take their kids to the Saw movies or any slasher flick and those movies are barely adult appropriate!


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