I’m a Mess

Earlier today I confessed to the blogosphere that I’m a thief, so I may as well come all the way clean. I’m a mess.

I came downstairs into the office area this morning to have my brother (who works here) help me carry a table outside that I am selling at my yard sale tomorrow. He noticed my wrist was wrapped. Yes, my hands, my most valuable assets for yard sale-ing (and typing) are a mess. I have Ganglion Cysts in both wrists and the left side was flaring up. ganglion

Later, as we were maneuvering the large table out the small door my brother commented on my “bad back.” Yeah, that’s a mess too. Thankfully, I rarely have back and wrist flareups simultaneously.

My eleven year old daughter stayed home from school today because she was sick with d-reah all night. Probably because she had a headache yesterday and I didn’t have children’s pain medicine so I gave her Excedrin. Twice. I probably killed her stomach. Worst mom ever. I’m a mess. She’s definitely a mess.

My shower is a mess. I bathed today with a Lalaloopsi doll looking up toward my privateness and the scooper from an Easy Bake Oven.

1284Speaking of showers, my seven year old hasn’t bathed since at least Monday (possibly longer.) I did, however, make her wash her face on Wednesday.

What a runny, stinky, painful, cluttered, happy mess.


This post was written for 5 minute fridays, the word was , you guessed it, MESS. Find link here.





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11 thoughts on “I’m a Mess

  1. sad to hear of your mess. i can so identify! at least now our mess is at one place instead of two:)


  2. Yuck – sorry! Parenting is definitely crazy and messy… the other night our 2-year old started screaming at 1 am, and I went in to find him vomiting all over the place… so, I understand the messy part, LOL!


  3. Ugh. Night vomiting is the worse. That’s when you just wrap up blanket ,sheets, pillows, everything into a bundle and leave it next to the washing machine for the morning. In fact, I have trained my children to go into the bathroom and vomit and not wake me up. I tell you, I’m the worst mom ever.


  4. And every single person reading this is sighing a sigh of immense relief, saying, “You, too?” Earthen vessels, for sure! I hope your back and wrist ease up and that you sell a lot tomorrow!


  5. My mother got those things. Ouch! Hope the flare ups go away fast!

    About messes: There is a saying that goes like this. It comes from a sign on the wall of our Rockhound Club House. “Better a Creative Mess than Idle Tidiness.” Family life is lovely, messy, lively, and totally the best sort of messiness.


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