The Room: Creativity, Cobwebs & Crawlspaces

“Is she exercising or something?” 

Ah, the lovely view of parks in NJ.

Ah, the lovely views from parks in NJ.

I hear my daughter say as I walk one more time around the little league fields at the park.

While I walk I’m thinking about making bacon and eggs for dinner when we get home…

…Finally giving the bathroom a much needed deep cleaning…

…What we plan to wear tomorrow.

I pray for loved ones who are on my mind.

By the time my kids consent to leaving the playground so we can head on home for dinner, I’ve walked around the public fields five times.

The only room available in my mind for creativity is a crawl space off the attic. I must pass several rooms on three floors full of urgent things that need to be done before I reach that room, if you can call it that, it’s barely a room, the room where inspiration takes form.

On Saturday I wrote about Quiet and the hope of finding a couple days to get away to take a gaze inside my head.

What is hiding in that crawlspace?

It’s happening. Two weeks from today I will awake in a lovely restored 18th century stone house – alone.

No meals to make.

No dishes to wash.

No snacks to distribute.

No pickups and drop-offs.

No helping with homework.

No letters to type or phones to answer.

No laundry to fold or messes to clean up.

For 48 hours every other room in the home in my head will be empty ( I hope) and the path to the mental crawl space will be clear of distractions. I’ve never been so excited to go exploring.

I hope there is something other than cobwebs inside.

Have you done this? Have you gotten away to think and dream and explore what might be hidden away inside your mind, whispering and ready to come out? Was it fruitful?

6 thoughts on “The Room: Creativity, Cobwebs & Crawlspaces

  1. Where are you going on your time away? I understand if you want to keep it a secret. SOOO happy you are listening to yourself and going. It’s meant to be. When I did my NPR “This I Believe” piece on leaving work at 5 o’ clock, I spoke on a radio station about it, about how we wear our fatigue and busyness like a badge. I think that was true at BMC and remains true in our culture. Think of how radical you’d be if someone asked you what you did last weekend and you happily replied, “Nothing.” Yet so many of us are sick in mind, body and spirit, run down, worn out. It’s so messed up.


    • Yes, I seem to always be on the go. I do love it. But I need to be intentional about stopping and taking the breaks that I need. I will be near Lancaster, PA. I don’t plan to shop, go out to eat, sight see or anything else, just stay in my little cottage and still my mind. 🙂


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