Joy Inducing

The word is: Paint

I invested a lot of my High School years into art. I loved (still love) art. Yet, after four years I came to the sad conclusion that the internal creativeness that I believe is required for an artist to produce art was not present inside of me. I could imitate art but that wasn’t enough for me to consider pursuing it.

Twenty years later I discovered the key to unlocking the creativity in my heart. Repurposing.  I love to repurpose objects from the past and make them useful again for a new generation.

I’m a very practical person. I feel the most creative when my art can be used in some way. It’s why I love to bake and cook. Crochet. And especially create repurposed items to wear or for the home.

Recently I’ve been painting with my words. In the same way as the art I create with my hands, I want my words to be useful. To have purpose. I want the picture that I paint with my words to produce something in the reader. I want them to induce JOY.






joy 2

I paint with my words.



This post was written for 5 minute friday – click for link.

6 thoughts on “Joy Inducing

  1. I can so relate! My blog started as I realized I spent 18 years wanting to be an artist, planning to be an artist, then 18 years not being one. I started writing to rediscover my creative spirit and I found a new love, writing. Thanks for sharing your heart.


  2. I understand exactly what you mean! I love that “art” can be defined in such a broad way. I can’t draw very well, but I am creative in other areas. It took me a few years to realize and accept that God makes us all different and gives us gifts to glorify him–even if it’s not in the traditional ways that we would hope. Keep painting with words! 🙂


  3. Re-purposing because it is useful…yes! And economic. Lately I do not even have the time or gumption for that. If I can cut out a little time to purposely paint with my words, I feel good at my creative time. When you have four children your outlets have to be well chosen and worthy, don’t they?
    Great thoughts here.


  4. Lovely post–I feel the same way too with my writing. Especially with my poetry, I see it like like a would a painting or sculpture. I believe words can be as colorful and vibrant as a painting. I like what you said about painting. I’m not the greatest painter in terms of portraits, but I like to repaint things and give them new life!


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