Why Do YOU Write?


I do most of my best thinking – in the shower. While massaging in the shampoo the other day I was thinking about blogging.

Why I write.

What the future might hold.

I thought about “likes” and “comments” and “followers.”  I thought about how I would love to know if what I write amuses or touches anyone and, if so, what was it? I considered how important (or unimportant) the knowledge of these things were to my continued blogging – or writing in general.

By the time I rinsed off I had come to these 3 conclusions:

  1. My writing makes me laugh. Out loud. And sometimes, over and over.
  2. I am often moved by my own writing. Recently I wrote a couple posts for another blog and while editing them, I cried at the last line – Every. Single. Time.
  3. If I am the only one in the whole world amused or moved by my writing – then that is enough for me to keep doing it. And anyway, I believe God set me on this path  – so I’ll just keep walking (or writing.)

However, I feel like this will be a subject that I need to revisit. Quite often.

At least I’ll be really clean.

I am curious though, Writers/Bloggers: What motivates you to write and specifically, keep on writing?


16 thoughts on “Why Do YOU Write?

  1. I had all your same thoughts in the beginning, especially when it came tho “likes” and how many comments I would receive. At the end of the day, I discovered that I write for me. I know I can do it and do it well.
    I also know that many people may not necessarily comment or hit the like button, but they are reading and watching what you do. I have had several people tell me they enjoy my posts and if only one person is consistently reading, then I’m affecting someone’s life and that makes me happy. Lastly, I have noticed that some of the top magazines bloggers don’t receive a lot of comments, but they are still in business! 😉


  2. Writing helps me figure things out. Writing brings things down to size. When I see a dilemma organized into straight, black lines on a screen or a sheet of paper, well, the dilemma seems less daunting.

    But I also write to communicate and commiserate. I feel less alone when I write.

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  3. Like you I am following a path the Lord is leading me down at the moment. Having published books I obviously enjoy writing. My posts are on a variety of topics. Whatever the Lord puts on my heart and I hope others read and like. If likes and comments are absent I take heart in the fact that I enjoyed writing them. I’m my biggest fan. lol


  4. I definitely do all my deep thinking in the shower too haha. That and in the car. Anyways I remember the feeling I got when someone first liked my post, and even the feeling when my stats went to 5. It seemed so amazing to me that someone actually read what I wrote and liked it. And then I realized I was becoming dependent on how other people were accepting my material, so I started a new blog from fresh (the one I have now). Now I write because I love how it feels to create something out of nothing. How I look at a piece and think “I made that”. I usually like to take photos and add in some writing last minute, but really, it’s a product or a baby to me. 🙂


  5. I’m not embarrassed to say that I am highly amused and entertained by my own writing also, Joy. My reason for writing is pretty simple: a writer writes. I’ve been honing my skills and I’ve worked my way up to the ability to slam out 5,000 words in a couple of three hours or so. Not that some editing isn’t still needed, but I am motivated to put the words on paper and write something people want to read. I use my blog to write because I do have an area of expertise to write about. But I also write short stories and longer stories that aren’t on my blog. I believe if I say I’m a writer, then I better be writing. Every day.


  6. I do my best thinking on the treadmill. Should use it more often–it helps me feel better physically and also helps me sort out my jumbled thoughts!
    I write to relax and for a creative outlet. Since I’ve started blogging I’ve also noticed that I’ve become a little more reflective and deliberate in the way I act. For example, last week I wrote about patience and ever since I’ve been a little more mindful about being patient. Just a little, and maybe for the wrong reasons (“People will think I’m a hypocrite if I write about patience and don’t practice it!” but still . . . it helps! 🙂


  7. I write cos my head sometimes feels better with my thoughts out there,
    cos some stories should be stored somewhere for posterity’s sake,
    cos it’s my way of sharing with everyone out there and i’m discovering everyday how MANY amazing interesting people are out here on the blogosphere..
    and the days when i wonder if my writing is being enjoyed by anyone at all, my biggest fans – my mum and uncle, giggle and chuckle over my posts and tell everyone they know that they love my writing. And that leaves me feeling like a happy little girl 🙂

    And I enjoy your posts! I tend to binge-read when I discover a nice blog and the least I can do in my eagerness to read more is hit ‘Like’ when I like and hurry on, and then I try to leave comments every now and then to let them know their posts made me think or feel or laugh.
    I do hope to comment more. Not commenting feels like peeping into someone house, appreciating what I see in my head, and walking away without voicing appreciation. ‘

    This has turned out to be a rather long comment! Keep writing! I’ll be dropping by again 🙂


    • Sara, I’m so glad you stopped by. Peep around anytime. I agree with you about your mom and uncle loving your writing – it doesn’t take much does it? Just one or two people to give us that boost to keep going. 😉 – Rebecca


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