The Word is: Crowd


The people on my street refer to me as “the one with all the kids.”

I have four.

Maybe it’s because they’re all girls.

Maybe it’s because we decrease in height from biggest to littlest like steps on a staircase.

Maybe it’s just because we are LOUD.

Whatever the reason, I think it’s kind of funny. Four children aren’t that many but I guess we could be considered a crowd. I wonder what people think when they are debating inviting us to dinner or to a get-together… I wonder if we get X’ed off the list just to keep numbers down.

I mean, we are a Crowd, right. All five of us.

I think it’s important for people with large numbers of children to make friends with other people with large numbers of children and then you just do your own things together. Invite each other over for get-togethers and dinners. Embrace the crazy. Embrace the noise.

Those families with 2.5 children don’t know what they’re missing.


This was written for Five Minute Fridays where you write on a specific word for only 5 minutes, click for link. 

4 thoughts on “The Word is: Crowd

  1. I’ve got several friends with 4+ kids, and it can be a bit overwhelming. I’ve always been a bit envious of them, though. There’s always someone to talk to. Having your own personal crowd sounds like a good thing to me!

    visiting from FMF


    • Hi Melanie, I feel the same way. I think my girls are so blessed having built in best friends – but they are too young to believe that. One day they will come to understand how nice it is to have sisters.


  2. Ha!
    I can relate. Yes, four girls walking , pushing, running, skipping, sauntering, down a side walk does look a bit like a spectacle. I remember the comments and expressions on people faces when we pushed the politically correct maximum of 3 and had 4! When I tell people I have four girls, they have an overwhelming compulsion to then takes the Lords name in vain, which makes me want to give them a dirty look, and “accidentally” grind my high heel into their foot. But I don’t. I agree with your advice about having big families over, to enjoy the chaos.
    Great post.


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