Making It Happen at Home – Episode 2

making happen real

Fact: Not being married negatively affects the state of my house.

This is a  follow-up/weekly post  where YOU my blog audience “come home” with me to see if having you here helps me get home improvement projects done. For original post go here.

Premise (same as last week – if read previously – skip down to Project.)

I find being unattached affects the status of my home improvement projects in two ways.

1. The fact that there is someone coming home kind of gives me a kick in the pants to get stuff done. Clean up, pick up, make improvements.

There is no one coming home.

2. I am so much more motivated to do home improvements when someone else is doing it with me.

I’ve lived in this apartment for the last three years and it’s really only been over the past six months that I’ve started to feel like this is my home. (I briefly wrote about this in my post, Dwelling.)

Then, a recent post where I discussed my cleaning habits got me thinking that maybe what I need is motivation. Since no one is coming home to motivate me, dear readers, YOU have become my motivation. I plan to post two small home improvement projects that I would like to work on during the next week and then follow up with you next Wednesday to see if this kind of accountability works for me.

Project: Paint the Chifferobe. DONE! I did it!!

BEFORE                                                               AFTER

chif 2Chiffer DONE

PS – I Like my Christmas decorations on there…

Ewww – Remember this?                                                          Look at it now!

chif 1Chiff side by

This blog audience accountability thing seems to be working!

Project: Cut Quilting Blocks

The other thing I wanted to accomplish last week was to start cutting quilting blocks from vintage bed sheets I got from Goodwill. I didn’t need to make the whole quilt – I just wanted to start cutting out the blocks.

BEFORE                                                                 AFTER

Vintage fab 2quilting blocks 2

Three dozen blocks cut! I had to push to get this done last night – but – WE DID IT!

Thank You Blog Readers – this blog accountability thing works!

Projects for this week:

1. Make curtains for dining room


These are nasty and gross.

I have the material, hooks, and double sided hem tape. I’m gonna do it!

2. Continue cutting quilting squares. (not too exciting – but let’s get this done!)

Thanks for being the person coming home – it’s working!  XO. Rebecca

12 thoughts on “Making It Happen at Home – Episode 2

  1. Yes to your painting and yes to the blocks cutting. You are so handy. The more you put your touch on the place the more like home it will feel. I will not support the paperhanging of the ceiling, so I hope you have lots of other ideas……do you garden?


  2. I tend to work on big projects and stay up all night long when my husband leaves town. What would I do if he did not leave town anymore? I may just craft forever!
    Love the idea of these posts and your creativity. Super fun to watch! Get to cutting out those curtains now…


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