Butter Violation

butter wrong 2

This is not an unusual occurrence in my home.

Once a week or so I open the fridge, glance over at the dairy section and discover that someone has taken a bite out of the butter.

I know it wasn’t me. I don’t even like butter, and the thought of a mouthful of cold, hard butter, well, honestly, it makes me gag.

I know who the culprit is. I’ve caught her in the act a few times. She smiles that impish smile, flashes those big brown eyes and then prances away.

I remain, stunned and shocked.

butter violation 2

13 thoughts on “Butter Violation

  1. I once made the mistake of leaving my four-year-old alone in the kitchen with the butter dish. I came back to a sheepish smile and a much-depleted butter supply. He’ll also ask for butter at the table to (supposedly) put on his potatoes or bread and then end up eating the butter separately.


  2. I my house, the bread or potato is really just the vehicle to deliver the butter to the mouth. Oh how many pieces of toast or halves of bagels have been eaten from the top down leaving me with a saliva laden plate of bread mush to throw away.


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