Plump Girls Find Love Too

If you’re female (or even male) you’ve probably considered at some point in your single life losing weight in order to get into “dating shape.” The if I were thinner, maybe I’d attract someone, line of thinking. I confess, it pops into my mind quite often. But you know what, then I examine my life experience and look at the happily dating and married people around me and I think, plump girls find love too.

*If you’re thinkin’ that title should be on a T-shirt, I’m already there.

7 thoughts on “Plump Girls Find Love Too

  1. I would like to blame my datelessness on my weight, but the truth is, I fared about the same with the ladies when I was a lot skinnier. Admittedly, some were attracted to me initially who would not be now, but the percentage of attractions-that-would-last was about the same.


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